Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It is ME...

Hi.. its been a long time i haven't update this blog... i'm kind of busy this week..
Yeah!! My friend said 'Hey.. i have read ur blog..and its full of Poems and Quotes only... Where is ur Life Story???'... Then my answer to her is 'well... u see.. i'm always in love with poems and good quotes... sometimes, when i feel down or bad... i can get my mood back to Me only by reading the good poems and good quotes about life... hopes... success... and love! So... This is ME!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

What's It Like???

Mama, what's it like to be in love?
Oh, Mama, won't you tell me,
what's it like to me in love?
Is it the way my face gets red
every time he looks at me?
Is this the way that love feels?
Why do I suddenly want to
wear lipstick and perfume?
Do you think he'll notice me?
Mama, help me with my hair.
It has to be perfect today.
Mama, does this make me look fat?
Does this make me look like a kid?
Oh, Mama, why should I care?
Mama, guess what happened!
He talked to me today,
told me I dropped my pencil.
Oh, Mama, isn't that great!
Is this what it's like to be in love?
Oh, Mama, won't you tell me,
is this what it's like to be in love?

Monday, 18 July 2011

A Book Of Memories...


Hidden in the attic, 
all the way upstairs,
is something very special, 
that I would like to share.

My hopes,my dreams,
old photographs,
of good times and bad times that make me laugh.

The joy of a hug,the thrill of a kiss,
leaves me to remember the pure, 
simple bliss.

I cry for the fun,
and giggle for the pain,
I enjoyed the good life I was able to maintain.

The thoughts and wishes,
they all stay with me,
all of these contained in my book of memories.


The power of love and friendship are 2 things I have greatly underestimated lately. The reality that there are people in my life who care enough to say “You’re not okay” and “You need our help”… makes me realize that no matter how hard I try to pretend and hide what’s inside my heart… those who know me best know better.
I feel extremely exposed today… it’s a feeling and a place I’m not comfortable with, but at the same time, I know that in order to move past recent events in my life… I need to break down all the walls I have built up and let go of the feelings that are holding me back. So what I am feeling? Frustration…anger… disappointment… other things which are probably best not mentioned on this blog. The result of all these feelings has caused me to become a version of myself that I’m not okay with. But it wasn’t until last night that my closest friends put up a mirror… not literally of course… but they each opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself as a result of all the stress I’ve been under lately. Not taking care of myself, resting, eating properly, the list does go on…
It was only when I saw the great concern on their faces and the desperate pleas to let them in… that I really realized how much of an impact many situations have had on my life. I won’t lie… it was hard to hear what many of them had to say. Not because I don’t trust them… but because they’re the ones I trust the most and I know that their words come from a good place. It made me realize that I haven’t been loving myself the way I need to. Yes… we all go through rough times in our life… there are no exceptions. I just didn’t realize that this time would be harder to get back up.
I hear you girls… I feel your concern, your love, and your undying support. As exposed as I feel right now… I’ve never felt so cared about before in my entire life. I’m reflecting very much about what each of you have said to me…I’m remembering all that  you have done for me. Time to start trying harder…

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Daily Quotes~

“True power lies in accepting responsibility for your life…and knowing that it is you who will ultimately get you where you want to go…nobody else.”

Daily Quotes~

“You can’t let anyone else define beauty 
for you.”

Have You Ever~

Have you ever felt,
the cold and lifeless hand of an infant,
gazed into their unblinking eyes,
and observed the face of death,
when masked in bittersweet innocence?

Have you ever touched your dreams,
and felt the simplistic joy,
of feeling them become reality,
only to abandon them,
for reasons you cannot explain?

Have you ever watched your family,
who once shared the greatest of loves,
suffer an unforgettable and unforgivable tragedy,
that will slowly, painfully, and inevitably,
tear them all apart?

Do you know, firsthand,
the evil that resides deep within the heart of every man,
every woman, and every child?
Have you seen its face as it randomly seeks,
a soul to torment and destroy?

Do you know the darker side of life,
the one that awakens you,
in the still of the night,
crying to the unknowable God's,
‘Save me from myself. '?

Does your heart constantly question,
whether humanity is obtainable,
in a world corrupted with suffering,
and where war,
is the favoured solution for peace?

If you really want to know me,
and understand the forces that compel me to move on,
then take these questions,
and take this pain,
for this who I am.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sometimes..We have to Choose a Song..



Softly falling down...
each drop a symphony of sound...
as it hits the tin roof...
tap... tap... tap...

It can sound just like a sad song with a slow beat...
the kind that makes you daydream...
and feel sad and sigh...
as you think of what might of been or could be in your life.

Or maybe it is a happy song that brings back sweet memories...
tender thoughts and special smiles...
thinking of someone who makes your heart beat faster...
and your laughter ring with happiness and joy...

Or maybe it is a love song...
with sweet and soft lyrics...
tender and romantic and sensual...
that makes you think of dancing in the rain.

Only you can decide which song...
is the one you are hearing...
which music soothes your soul...
and which song you want to sing along with.

Sometimes, you have to choose a song...
and the choosing isn't easy.

Welcoming the Semester 3!!!

Hi..its been a long time i have never update this blog.. oh what can i say...?? hihihi i'm kind a busy this semester.. well, i'm senior now... and i got a lot work to do.. but still have a time to writing in my colourful blog.. 
The story began with...
WELCOMING A NEW STUDENTS IN POLYTECHNIC SANDAKAN, SABAH... this new semester, 70% are Sarawakian students.. and others are Sabahan.. This semester began with a WONDERFUL things, time and MEMORY.. uhuuuu... i Love it.. ahakszz..!! So, i just don't have any idea to write in this Blog.. oh Yeahh!! So, best of luck to me in this Semester..